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Chicken tikka masala is one of my tried-and-true dishes that I’ll make when I’m either craving Indian food or trying to use up the rest of the heavy whipping cream and plain yogurt in the fridge.  In this case, it was the latter.  I bought some Pavel’s yogurt a couple of weeks ago after reading rave reviews about it.  I thought I’d like it, but hated it.  The yogurt was way too tart and the consistency too thin, almost bordering on soupy.  I had spooned out a small portion, tried mixing in some pureed fruit and even some sugar, but it was a lost cause.  I ended up using up the rest of the tub of Pavel’s yogurt in some zucchini bread (recipe coming at some point) and this chicken tikka masala.

I usually eat chicken tikka masala over white rice, but this time around, I decided to make some chicken tikka masala burritos.  I got the idea from Curry Up Now, which is a restaurant in San Mateo, and they have at least three food trucks roaming the Bay Area.  Their chicken tikka masala burritos are so good.  Both Hubby and I were fans after one bite, but I also felt I could easily replicate it at home.  Curry Up Now charges $8 or $9 for a burrito (plus tax and tip), but it only costs me about that much to make a large pot of chicken tikka masala.

So I went to our local Indian market and bought some chapati.

The chapati used at Curry Up Now must be bigger because we were only able to make regular-sized burritos with these, and Curry Up Now’s burritos were quite large (enough to feed 2 people).  Unfortunately, the Indian grocery store only had this one size, so that’s what I had to work with.

I had taken some pictures, but sadly, they didn’t turn out very well because it was dark by the time Hubby and I sat down for dinner.  But these burritos are pretty simple to make:

1. Portion out a small bowl of rice and add chicken tikka masala (we used a 1:1 ratio).  Mix well.

2. Place chicken tikka masala filling onto chapati (no need to heat up chapati ahead of time).

3. Fold in the sides over the filling, then roll up the chapati, burrito style.

4. Enjoy!

Will definitely be making these again!