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Due to popular demand (aka hubby’s request), I made Moroccan beef stew and brown rice tonight for dinner.  I found the recipe here on Budget Bytes and have made this beef stew at least half a dozen times in the last six or eight months.  Hubby loooves it.  I think because the beef is really tender and the dish isn’t very oily or fatty.  I love it because it comes together with minimal effort, but tastes like you’ve labored over the stove for hours.

Side note, the recipe calls for dried apricots, but don’t feel like you have to use those.  I generally use whatever I have on hand–mini bag of dried fruit (pears, apples, apricots), golden raisins, dried apricots, or dried cherries, and its come out tasting delicious each time.  I really don’t think the type of fruit matters, which is good because dried apricots can be expensive.  I just try to choose fruit that may go well in Moroccan type of dishes or just pair well with beef.

Baby Girl got to try some too.  I pureed some of the beef stew with a little extra water and served it over brown rice.  She ate it all up.  Not because she loved it, because I don’t think she did.  She’s not used to beef or non-sweet foods.  We had to use some trickery with some yogurt-switcheroo.  Still, she ate it all up and that’s what counts in this house.  No wasted food here.  Beef ain’t cheap, you know.