Sorry about the lack of posts lately!  I seem to be saying that a lot, haven’t I?  I’ve been tied up working on several side projects and so haven’t spent much time on this blog or experimenting with new dishes.  These past few weeks, I’ve been learning about web design and web hosting, in the hopes of moving Little Bear’s Kitchen from to its own domain name.  Its a little slow-going.  I have zero background in html, css, and all that mumbo jumbo, so I’m slowly figuring things out.  One of the big things is figuring out how to move all the posts on this site to the new site and do it so that the incoming links don’t get lost.  It is exciting and fun, but definitely a work in progress.  Will keep you posted on that one.

This upcoming weekend is not only Chinese New Year’s and Valentine’s Day, but also President’s Day!  Holiday weekend, woo hoo!  Unfortunately, I’m working through most of it, with the exception of Sunday, so the celebrations will be kept to a minimum.

Hubs and I will most likely celebrate Valentine’s with a quiet dinner at home.  Our second year of dating, he took me out to eat at a nice Italian restaurant.  As expected, service was slow, the prices were inflated, we could hardly hear each other over the din, and the tables were so close together, I kept knocking elbows with the person seated at the next table over.  To top things off, I got food poisoning.  After that year, we’ve always celebrated at home and cooked our own meal.

Chinese New Year’s officially begins on February 14 and commences two weeks of celebrations.  Its the year of the tiger this year.  Supposedly not a lucky year for monkeys, according to this site.  Hubs says I shouldn’t be superstitious and believe in those things, but 2010 has gotten off to a rocky start already….