Apart from the chili, these past couple of months have truly been about cooking old favorites.  I’ve been making lots and lots of Korean food, including dukbokki, bulgogi bibimbap, kimchi jigae, and Korean pancakes.  In fact, Christmas lunch was at the Korean plaza down in Santa Clara…I had soondobu and Hubs had chicken katsu from the nearby Japanese restaurant.  Can you tell my favorite cuisine is Korean?  Haha.  We’re not Korean but Hubs looks like he is.  It always cracks me up when even Chinese people think he’s Korean and Korean people give him discounts because they think he’s one of them.  😉

Anyway, I just wanted to post up some pics from last summer that I just hadn’t gotten around to.  I love fresh fruit!  As much as I love the rainy weather, I’m looking forward to summer…

Cherries and blueberries

Sweet white nectarines ,white peaches, and Fuji apples