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Day two began with breakfast in Pike’s Market at The Crumpet Shop.  Its as good as all the reviews say it is, if not better.  Crumpets are a British food, kind of like an English muffin but hundreds of times tastier.  The outside is crisp while the inner portion is softer, denser and slightly doughy.  Hubs and I both had the smoked salmon crumpet, which was sooo good.  I hear the lines go out the door during peak hours at The Crumpet Shop and I can see why.  If only we had crumpet shops in the Bay Area…I’m craving one right now.

I had to take a picture of this restaurant sign.  It pretty much sums up my life, haha.

Of course, we stopped by the original Starbucks and the Flying Fish Market.  Can you see the flying fish?  (Hint, its by one of the hanging lights.)

Loved all the sights at Pike’s Market, as well as the wealth of fresh-caught seafood and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Lunch at Pike’s Place Chowder (again).  Yes, it was that good.  We split a Dungeness crab sandwich roll and a cup of New England clam chowder.  The crab was light and sweet…perfect…

After lunch, we headed over to the Seattle Center and the Space Needle.  The Olympic Sculpture Garden was nearby so we took a little detour over there.  For some reason, I think I liked it more than Hubs.  I think he was bored.

I really like this picture…been trying to take more silhouette pictures.  Would you believe this tree is actually made of metal?  It was the first sculpture we came across and the tree against the cloudy horizon was beautiful.

Reflection of the Space Needle against the EMP building.  We’re not big classic rock fans so we didn’t go inside, but I have to say, the EMP building is striking.  I read somewhere that the building’s sheet-metal exterior changes colors as the day goes on.

The Space Needle.  I didn’t feel like paying the $17/person admission fee to the top, so we didn’t go.  Maybe next time.  I kind of felt that the awesome city views from our hotel room were good enough.  Hubs didn’t mind not going either, so we went back downtown for some more last minute shopping before packing and catching our flight home.  So long Seattle!