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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  This is the second Thanksgiving Hubs and I have celebrated together as a married couple, but unlike last year, we’re doing a combined Thanksgiving dinner this year.  Last year, we drove to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving, spent a couple days there, and then drove back to the Bay Area to go out for a belated Thanksgiving dinner with his family.  This year, since I didn’t have much time off of work, we’re staying local.  My mom and my brother are arriving into town this morning and later tonight, his family is coming over.  Should be interesting.  The only other time that our families got together was our wedding.  But they’re all okay with it, so…okay.

As for the Thanksgiving spirit, at this particular second in time, I’m not feeling particular thankful for the neighbors next door.  Construction has been running overtime these past few days, beginning at 8am and ending around 10:30pm.  Last night, I could hear the workers giving high fives and congratulating each other in Mandarin for finishing the job.  I was happy too because I thought they were done.  Not so.  A little before 7am this Thanksgiving morning, another white work van pulled up outside our bedroom window and work began again.  This time I actually went next door to talk to the owner about it.  All the other stuff I can tolerate, but I draw the line at hammering and loud construction noises at 7am on a national holiday.

What I am thankful for, however, is our lovely family of two (Hubby and me), that our parents still have their health, that we have food and shelter and clothing, and that we both still have jobs in these scary economic times.  Very basic stuff, but you know, its the basics that matter. Happy Thanksgiving.  🙂