You wouldn’t think it would be the case, but the construction work going on next door is actually influencing Little Bear’s Kitchen.  Someone bought the condo right next to ours and for the last two weeks, workers have been coming on a daily basis to renovate the place.  Aside from the usual renovation annoyances like the hammering and banging on our shared walls, the workers have also set up camp in front of our condo, since it is incredibly convenient for them.

Outside our bedroom window, they’ve placed their work table, where they cut lumber, granite and steel pipes.  The noise for the latter is like fingernails on the chalkboard, ack!  Outside our office window is their van, all their equipment and supplies, and their hang out place when they are not working.

How does this affect Little Bear’s Kitchen?  I use the office for my food photography.  I love the natural lighting the office receives…the best in the whole apartment.  I set up the food on a table next to the windows and always open the drapes wide open when taking pictures.  Obviously I can’t do that with a bunch of strangers loitering around just a couple feet away, on the other side of those windows.  And they are always here, from early morning to dinner time.

Hopefully they finish up soon and leave.  I’m all for employment and people working, but its starting to get ridiculous just how much the renovations next door have affected our day to day life.  Water to our unit has been shut off by the workers (without any notice), our windows and drapes have to be closed at all times, and most annoyingly (besides the noise), those guys are parking in my parking space.  Thanksgiving is coming up soon.  I’m quite excited about the menu I’ve come up with and want to take some pictures of the food.  My mother-in-law is bringing the turkey, but I’ll prepare the sides and dessert.  My brother is also coming in from out of town, so it will be a joint family dinner.