I have to say, I love garlic.  I add garlic to almost every dish I make, partly because I love the aromatic garlicky smell that fills the kitchen when it’s sauteed, and partly because I love the zesty flavor it adds to each meal.  And ever since I read that garlic has great antibacterial and antiviral properties, I’ve increased my garlic intake when I’m sick.  After all, if I’m alone at home, trying to recuperate, who cares if I smell like garlic?  Hubs is too afraid of catching whatever I have to even come close to begin with.

However, as much as I love garlic, eating cloves of raw garlic is too much, even for me.  Enter roasted garlic, the wonderfully sweeter, milder version.

Roasted garlic

Roasting garlic definitely fills the home with a strong, garlic aroma, so be prepared to open some windows and flip on some ventilation.  The trouble is well worth it.  Roasted garlic imparts a sweet, almost caramelized flavor.  The garlic becomes soft and spreadable, while the flavor becomes richer and mellower.

I followed Elise’s roasted garlic recipe…its easy and takes minimal prep work, which is fabulous when I’m not 100%.

I like to eat it as is, or add it to my chicken rice porridge, for an extra antiviral boost.  Here’s to hoping I get over this cold before Thursday, my next scheduled day of work.  I’m running out of sick time.

Roasted garlic and jook

By the way, I’ve also read that along with repelling vampires, garlic also keeps mosquitoes away.  According to this article, mosquitoes are repelled by the strong scent of garlic in our sweat and bloodstream.  Interesting, eh?