Actually most people didn’t even know we left.  Hubs wanted to keep our trip under wraps because of some suspicious activity that had been occurring near our apartment in the days and weeks prior.  He told me not to post anything on Facebook either, so people wouldn’t know we were out-of-town.  Maybe a little paranoid, but you can’t blame him.

Just a couple months ago, someone stole the tires (and rims) off his car.  Just a couple nights before we left, I caught some college-age kids jumping up and down on my car, loudly talking about smashing the windows in.  Back in July and August, strangers had been taking pictures of our apartment (we are on the ground floor and right on the street), even circling around the back and stomping through the bushes to take pictures of our patio.  From our bedroom windows, I could peek out and see them taking furtive glances and quick pictures of all angles of our place.  Unsettling, considering our landlord denied plans to sell and was worried by this news too.

Anyway, Hubs and I took a much-needed break and spent a week in the beautiful island of Kauai.  It was a trip to celebrate our birthdays (mine was this week!) and our one-year anniversary.

Found on google images

Found on google images

For my birthday, Hubs gave me a new camera lens (Canon 70-300mm lens) and I definitely put it to good use.  Between my new tele lens and my kit lens, I took over 700 pictures.  Hee hee.  The above picture is not mine, since I haven’t sorted through all of them yet, but it is a taste of what the island is like–beautiful, lush, tropical and serene.  I’m definitely going back.

When we landed, my mother-in-law picked us up at the airport and greeted us with bags of food.  She had cooked us enough food to last several days–curry, bean curd, mapo tofu, veggies.  Thus, I won’t start cooking (or posting recipes) until next week.  I’ll just enjoy this vacation a little bit longer.  Tomorrow, its back to work.