Yesterday was my day off so I spent a couple hours in my little victory garden before it got too hot.  The newest additions include strawberries, rosemary, sage, Thai basil, nasturtium flowers, and a pineapple guava tree.  I also planted some lychee seeds and cherry seeds, curious if they’ll really grow; these were seeds taken from fruit eaten, not from a seed packet.  Well, it worked for my sweet mini bell peppers (seeds from veggies I bought and ate), so maybe they will. Even though these trees won’t produce for years to come, I figure I’ll just bring them with us when we buy a house (thinking way ahead).

For those who aren’t familiar with nasturtium flowers, they are actually edible flowers with a peppery flavor. Both the blossoms and the leaves are edible and can be included in salads or as decorations for cakes and cupcakes.  Check out this website for more info.

In terms of meal prep, I’ve been feeling uninspired lately.  Or maybe lazy.  Or both.  Last night I stir-fried some kong xin cai (Taiwan spinach) with garlic, made some black bean chicken with zucchini, steamed some rice and called it a day.  I also made some mapo tofu but we ended up having to throw it out–I think the tofu was past its prime.  😦