is having yet another sale on their dining gift certificates.  This time, from June 22-June 25, you can use the code “DISH” to get 80% off.  This makes a $25 gift certificate a measly $2 and the $10 gift certificates just $0.60.  Sounds like a great deal and almost too good to be true.

My question is, are these worth getting?  Do they work?  As in how successful are people in being able to use these?  Hubs knows some people who use these all the time without any problems.  Yet, when I google it, I come across numerous reviews along the lines of “restaurant doesn’t accept these any more,” “restaurant gave me attitude and tacked on extra $$ on my bill,” and so on.  I’ve been curious and tempted to get these, but am wary at the same time.  I’ve also come across reviews saying that refunds from are very hard to get, mainly because of customer service issues.

Well, at any rate, for those of you who want to try, there’s the code for you.  🙂  For those of you who have tried it and are willing to give feedback, I’d love to hear about it in the comments section.