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After walking all those miles in New York, Hubs and I have been in the mood for healthier living and eating.  Plus the days are also getting much warmer lately, and the weather just calls out for light and refreshing meals.  No more soups or carb-laden meals anymore, at least not for a little while.  Instead, we’ve been more on a salad kick lately.  Our goal is to eat salad for dinner once a week, which is a big deal for us because we normally don’t eat salad.

Spicy Mexican Salad

I found this great recipe for chicken salad on OvenLove’s website.  While I don’t think this salad “will change your life,” as she claims, I do think the dressing is pretty awesome.  The mango-cilantro dressing is delicious and healthy…I’ll definitely be making this dressing again.  Its so simple to make too.  I nixed the avocado since Hubs is allergic and added some baby spinach leaves to the romaine lettuce, but those are the only changes I made this time around.  However, in the future, I would also use less red pepper powder when making the Mexican spiced chicken.  It smelled great, but tasted too hot and spicy once in the salad.  It didn’t match well with the mild jicama and sweet bell peppers.  I think a 1:1 proportion of red pepper powder to ground cumin would work just fine, as opposed to the 2:1 suggestion by OvenLove.  Otherwise this is a pretty great recipe, one that I’ll be going back to in the future.