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Forgive me for splitting up this trip post into four parts.  There were so many pictures I wanted to share that I couldn’t fit them all into one post.  On the last day, Monday, we went downtown to the Financial District to visit Wall Street and the World Trade Center Memorial.

New York NYSE

New York Bull


It took us a while to find the Wall Street bull.  Mainly because it wasn’t on our map and two people gave us wrong directions.  FYI, the bull is not located on Wall Street, but is actually near Battery Park, near the Bowling Green.

World Trade Center site, rebuilding in progress.

World Trade Center site, rebuilding in progress.

Before heading back to catch our flight, we made a stop over at Greenwich Village for some pizza and hotdogs.  Yes, we had pizza almost every day we were in New York.  This time, we headed over to Bleecker St Pizza for some slices.  Their signage boasts of their “Best Pizza in New York” award from Food Network TV.  It was delicious–the pizza was hot, fresh out of the oven, with a crispy thin crust, melty cheese and well-seasoned sauce.  It was by far the best pizza we had on our whole trip.  I wasn’t even planning on having pizza again but the sight and smell of just-made pizza was persuasion enough.

New York Bleecker St Pizza

Next we stopped at NY Hot Dog and Coffee, a little Korean-run hot dog shop on Bleecker St.  It definitely had its Korean influences, what with the kimchi hot dog, kalbi hot dog and so on.  If I lived in Manhattan, I would definitely be a regular here.  Everyone working there, from the cashier to the food prep guys, are so friendly and nice.  Plus the place is well-kept, clean and just overall, has an inviting atmosphere.

New York Hot Dog1

We ordered and split the kimchi and bulgogi hot dog.  So good!  Its the best of both worlds, Korean food and hot dogs.  Portion sizes are quite generous…they really loaded on the bulgogi!  This is my half…the guys cut it for us before I could take a picture.  You can hardly see the hot dog underneath, because of all the salty-sweet bulgogi on top.

New York Hot Dog2

Virgin America doesn’t serve meals onboard for free–you have to pay for every little thing.  That in mind, we visited Milk and Cookies one last time to pick up some treats for the flight home.  We then stopped by Pret A Manger, a bustling little sandwich shop on 42nd St., to grab some dinner also for the plane ride home.  Their sandwiches are delicious!  I just wish there was one in California.  We both got a smoked salmon sandwich with cucumbers, capers and spinach.  I’ve got to try to replicate that at home one of these days.  While everyone else on the plane was snacking on gum and whatever they could find in their bags, we got to have a gourmet dinner, hee hee.  Thats why you gotta plan ahead.  Thanks for letting me share this trip with you!