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The next day Saturday, the sun was miraculously shining despite a forecast for 50% chance rain.  It stayed sunny the whole day (yay!) so we took advantage of that and walked all over Midtown, the Theater District and Central Park.  First stop Grand Central Station:

Grand Central Station txtEvery time we were in a train station, I thought of ants.  Specifically ants after their anthill has been disturbed.  All the people busily scurrying here and there, rushing off in different directions, not looking at each other but lost in their Ipods and Blackberries, looked just like ants.  No offense to New Yorkers, of course.

Then it was off to Times Square, where we had some pizza…New York Pizza

Then to Rockefeller Center, Top of the Rock and Radio City Music Hall.  We used a $3 off coupon for Top of the Rock, which is normally $20/person.  If I find the coupon link again, I’ll post it here…those savings do add up.  The view from Top of the Rock is awesome.  You have a 360 degree view of Manhattan.  My hubby took this picture, which looks like it could be a postcard, but I promise he took it:

View of Manhattan from Top of the Rock

View of Manhattan from Top of the Rock

One of the places I really wanted to visit was St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  Its gorgeous!  There was actually a wedding going on inside, but visitors are still allowed inside the cathedral, just required to stay in the back.  I wonder if the bride and groom could hear people talking.  The cathedral was big enough that we would have been able to hear what the priest was saying, had he not been wearing a microphone.

St Patrick's Cathedral

St Patrick's Cathedral

Shopping on 5th Ave followed by a trip to Central Park.  This was probably the most peaceful afternoon we had in a long while, just sitting on a park bench in Central Park, people watching and enjoying the weather.  Haha, I sound like a geriatric person.  But it was really restful, especially after walking all over Midtown.  Its amazing that there’s this huge park in the middle of a bustling city.  We came across this adorable little Pomeranian being “walked” by a statue.

New York Central Park Pomeranian

We tried to go to Serendipity for frozen hot chocolate, but had to give that up when the host told us the wait was “at least 60 minutes.”  I’m told that’s normal for Serendipity…that even on a weekday afternoon, you’d have to wait 45-60 minutes for a table.  Yes, all those people loitering outside are waiting for a table inside.  And the entry way was packed full of people…we could hardly elbow our way through to the front to ask about the wait time.

New York Serendipity

We had wanted to eat at Tavern on the Green, but it seemed like all the other patrons were dressed up in collared shirts and slacks.  Not sure if there was an event going on (limos were rolling up to the front door) or if that was just the dress code.  At any rate, we didn’t want to risk being turned away at the door, embarrassed. We actually didn’t bring anything but jeans and T-shirts on this trip.  We ended up eating mostly at cafes, delis and food trucks, haha. We had dinner at Au Bon Pain, which is a cafeteria-style cafe.  It wasn’t anything out of this world, but we were hungry after walking around all day, and it hit the spot.

Au Bon Pain

One last visit toTimes Square before heading back to the hotel.

Times Square night