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Despite the fact that it rained three out of the four days we were in town, our trip to NYC was a blast!  Before we left, I had made a detailed and ambitious list of “things to do” and “places to visit” in Manhattan, thinking we’d only get around to half of them.  In the end, we had hit almost every place on that list.  The best part about the trip was exploring the city, sampling the food and yes, walking everywhere.  All that exercise did us both good.  It was my first time really visiting NYC and won’t be my last.

We flew Virgin America (another first for me…I usually fly Southwest) and loved it.  Those personal TVs really make a huge difference on those cross-country flights.  On our return flight, we were grounded for an extra 2 hours after we had already boarded the plane…making our flight about 9.5 hrs long.  If it weren’t for that little TV with the movie selection, I probably would have died of boredom.

Friday night: landed in Queens and took the train into Manhattan.  We stayed just a couple blocks away from Grand Central Station and just a 10-20 minute walk from Times Square, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Central Park.  Our hotel room:

Hubs taking a picture of me taking a picture. Heh.

Hubs taking a picture of me taking a picture. Heh.

If you can guess which hotel this is just from the picture, you get bonus points.  We were at the W Tuscany and had a nice view of the Chrysler Building from our corner room.

Our first night in the city, it was pouring!  We had some time before dinner and went to look for the Halal food truck on 53rd St and 6th Ave.  Sorry, no picture.  I couldn’t juggle my umbrella, the chicken pita wrap, and my camera without dropping one of them.  For $4, the “chicken sandwich” as the vendor called it, is a steal.  Pipping hot peppery, spicy chicken topped with lettuce, white sauce and hot sauce.  Go easy on the hot sauce though…they don’t kid around when they say its HOT.  After wandering around for a couple more hours, we headed down to the Lower East Side to meet some friends for dinner at Katz’s Deli, famous for its scene in When Harry Met Sally.  Hubs and I split a pastrami sandwich with pickles.  While pricey at $15 for a plain pastrami, its definitely very filling.

Katz's Pastrami

Maybe it was all the grease and fat in the pastrami or our late afternoon snack, but we couldn’t finish our sandwich.  Whatever you do, hold on to your ticket.  Even if you don’t buy anything.  We all had to turn our tickets into the cashier and pay accordingly.  I hear that they fine you $50 if you lose your ticket.  I can’t verify that though, because we were careful not to lose them.