Hubs and I are leaving soon for a much-anticipated vacation…this time, we’re going to New York!  I’m so excited.  We booked the tickets on a whim, when I saw I was scheduled to be off work for five days straight.  New York has always been one of the top places on my “to go” list.  Technically, I’ve been to NY once before, on a layover ten years ago.  We were flying back from Athens into JFK, our group missed our connection by several hours because of the chaos in Athens.  In Athens, there were hoards of people trying to check their bags, pass through security, board various planes, all sans lines.  It was just one massive crowd of people versus a paltry number of airport personnel.  Hopefully things have improved in the Athens airport since then.  The airline put us up in a nice hotel for the night, as we waited for the first flight out the next day.  I don’t count this as a “NY trip” though…I was too jet-lagged to do anything, except see Times Square and the UN building.

This time around, we booked tickets for a highly-reviewed food tasting tour of Greenwich Village.  Also looking forward to seeing some college friends again, doing some shopping, and sight-seeing.  Its bound to be fun, even if it is forecast to rain this weekend in Manhattan!  If anyone has good restaurant recs, I’m all ears.  🙂