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Tomato eggs

Tomato eggs is a very popular Chinese dish, especially with students in Asia.  When Hubs was living in Taiwan, he often ordered this dish from his school’s cafeteria.  His mom made this for him all the time while he was growing up, and its comfort food for him.  Its tasty, healthy, and easy to make.  Its also quite easy on the pocketbook.  All you need are some eggs, tomatoes, garlic and basic spices, and you can have this dish on the table in less than 10 minutes.  If you are looking for a simple dish to learn how to stir fry or teach your kids how to cook, look no further.

I found this great recipe for tomato eggs on Rasa Malaysia.  Unlike other recipes for stir-fried tomato eggs, her recipe calls for seasoning the eggs before scrambling them, which makes this dish even better.  Just be careful not to overcook the tomatoes, otherwise they’ll become mushy and won’t be as visually appealing, though the taste will still be fine.  I’ll usually change or adapt recipes to my taste and liking and post them here, but not this time.  For once, I didn’t need to change anything…Rasa Malaysia’s version of tomato eggs was delicious.  Find the recipe here.