Pic from realsimple.com

Pic from realsimple.com

What do you do with the remainder of a bottle of white wine when you only need 1/2 cup for a recipe?  I guess the obvious answer would be “drink it,” but Hubs and I are not big wine people.   Hubs dislikes the taste of wine.  The few times I’ve had wine are filled with memories of throwing up in public bathrooms and feeling so dizzy I couldn’t walk straight…and that’s just after only a couple glasses *with* a heavy meal. To say the least, I have a very low tolerance scale for alcohol.

So the question is, what to do with the open bottle of wine? I’ve found myself gathering together recipes involving wine in their cooking.  This way, I can use up most of that bottle of wine over a several day period. I’ve also looked into those vacuum wine stoppers, where oxygen is supposedly removed from the bottle, thus allowing the wine to last two weeks instead of a few days. Do they actually work?  The online reviews are mixed.

This online article by sptimes has some great tips that address leftover wine FAQ.  This article by Real Simple has five recipes to use up leftover wine in dressings, casseroles and desserts.  Hmmm…maybe I’ll try one of these recipes next time I have an open bottle of wine. For those of you who aren’t big wine drinkers, what to you do with the remainder of the bottle when cooking with wine?