I’ve been taking a break from cooking for the past couple weeks due to a really bad case of the cold and laziness.  The one time I cooked, I made a double batch of chicken tikka masala because Hubs loves it.  Then yesterday, while Hubs and I were scrounging around for food, we realized there was nothing left.  We had to resort to eating cereal and milk for dinner.  Totally embarrassing and completely my fault for not having gone grocery shopping in two weeks.  In general, I do the grocery shopping and cooking while Hubs does the cleaning and dish washing.  He’s kept up with his end, but not me.  So last night, I went out bought tons of fresh vegetables, chicken, scallops, salmon, brie and tortellini to make some delicious meals this week.  Among the meals planned for this week is one of my favorites: Chicken and Brie Sandwiches with Roasted Tomatoes, paired with savory Italian White Bean, Pancetta and Toretellini Soup.  Yum!

Hubs had a bad case of the stomach flu last night and wasn’t able to stomach anything.  😦  He’s feeling better today, so I’m planning to grill a salmon fillet and make some comforting Green Tea Ochazuke with Salted Salmon for lunch.  I’ll post that recipe up next.  🙂